As M-D said, we need to see the Kree before we get to Carol Danvers. Current fan speculation is that they could tie in the ending of Guardians of the Galaxy by introducing Mar-Vell and having him crash-land on Earth with whatever Infinity Gem is being used for that film, thereby setting the stage for Thanos' invasion… » 5/09/14 1:57pm 5/09/14 1:57pm

Mario Kart 8 might rekindle some interest in the Wii-U. I'm still waiting on that gorgeous Zelda demo they showed off, though. A Link Between Worlds was borderline disappointing for me. Smash Bros might make me a believer again, especially a portable version, but I wasn't very fond of Brawl. » 5/07/14 9:32am 5/07/14 9:32am